Hi, my name is Adam…

…quitting smoking was the second toughest thing I’ve done in my life. Staving off the weight gain that arose as a result of dropping nicotine was significantly more difficult.

I took the same relatable and winding path as many who have faced weight and health related issues. Let me tell you, burning fat and gaining muscle is incredibly hard. It’s a struggle for discipline, a struggle for motivation, and a struggle for willpower.

When I finally harnessed that level of discipline to truly stick with the regimented lifestyle of improved health and fitness, I tried several different types of diet and exercise routines. Nothing worked. Then I hopped on the ketogenic diet (keto) train. Let me tell you, I felt like I was biohacking my way to the body and health I wanted!

But with the progress, I was making and the complete body transformation I experienced, there was still a pain point. It was frustrating trying to find valuable recipes and meal plans. If there is one combination diet and exercise plan that highest the most on the macros and nutrients put into the body, it’s keto.

Diving In Deep

I obsess over things. When I get my mindset on something and start to see results, I’m all-in. This was the case with the keto diet. So instead of giving up when the nutrition side of keto got boring, fragmented, and confusing, I decided to make like Helen Keller and be the change I wished to see in the world.

This is where the Ketosis Bundle was born. I wanted to have an easy-to-follow, strict, and exciting plan for recipes, meals and more with proven analytics and science backing it. So I built it. And it worked. Now, I am here to share it with you. 

With the Ketosis Bundle, you can learn the processes that worked for me, my list of mistakes along the way and how to avoid them, my complete meal plan and more. 

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